Cost effective UK drone hire for the North East of England providing aerial video and images of Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Durham, Yorkshire, Cleveland and Northumbria. 



Cost effective UK drone hire for the North East of England providing aerial video and images of Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Durham, Yorkshire, Cleveland and Northumbria. 


FlyPro-UK professional aerial video, survey and photographic services.


About FlyPro UK

FlyPro UK offers a wide range of professional aerial services from industrial surveying to creative video and photography.

Our highly trained pilots and investment in the very latest drone & camera technology ensure that you will get the best aerial images and video for your project.

All of our pilots are fully CAA qualified with CAA Permissions for Commercial Operation (PfCO) so you can relax in the knowledge that safety is our number one priority. 


On the ground:

More than just a drone operator, FlyPro-UK also has comprehensive in-house video editing facilities, ground-based cameras & sound equipment, so you can depend on us to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your video and photographic requirements. From high-end DSLR cameras to rugged action and time-lapse cameras, FlyPro-UK will capture your images to the highest standards and the most imaginative ways.

Manufacturing & Retail:

With our combined aerial and ground based skills we can provide a very cost-effective way to showcase your business. We will work with you to develop a storey line for your video, shoot the aerial & ground based footage and edit the final video with titles, motion graphics and sound.

Property sales:

Aerial photographs and video will make your property stand out from the crowd. Ideal for high-end properties, our combined aerial photo and video package has been created to offer a cost effective way to market special properties in today’s challenging property market.



In the air:

FlyPro-UK operates the latest 4K & 5.2k aerial drone equipment to provide stunning aerial video, vibrant photographs and safe industrial and construction survey services throughout the UK. With multiple pilots and aircraft at our disposal, we guarantee to provide the best possible service at very competitive rates.

Construction & light industry:

All of our drone pilots have extensive experience working in the construction, manufacturing and process industries. With our SMSTS and CSCS land surveyor certification, you can be sure that all of our work will meet the highest safety standards. With access to the latest automated flight equipment, FlyPro-UK can provide a wide range of survey and mapping facilities at a much lower cost than traditional surveying techniques.

Offshore industries:

FlyPro-UK has worked with many of the UK’s leading manufacturers of offshore equipment to provide vibrant promotional images and videos of the most impressive offshore equipment ever created. We have extensive experience of working in several UK ports and near-shore facilities, and from this, we have gained a detailed understanding what to do & how to fly to get the very best end results.


All of our drone pilots are fully trained and CAA qualified with an active
Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) license and comprehensive public liability insurance.

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By adopting the latest 5.2k 4k and HD camera technology, FlyPro-UK can provide you with stunning aerial footage at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial capture techniques.

Don't be tied to planet earth, hire a drone and take to the skies.

Just imagine the creative possibilities when you have a 400 foot jib at your disposal!

Now the aerial shots of your dreams can become reality.

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FlyPro-UK deploy drones to give you instant access to survey or inspect land, buildings, bridges, wind turbines, aerial masts and tanks without the need for costly and dangerous rope access or scaffolding.

Aerial inspection and survey using a drone is safer, cheaper and faster than traditional methods. FlyPro-UK SMSTS and FAAW trained pilots will help you to complete your survey requirements on time and under budget.

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Aerial photographs are no longer the preserve of the wealthy.

FlyPro-UK can provide a low cost way to capture exciting aerial images of your wedding, family home, construction project, event or business.

We can provide the images in a format of your choice, either unedited (RAW) or photo-enhanced if you require. 

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Trained pilots for both commercial and creative industries.


Our team of qualified drone pilots all operate to stringent CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) CAP722 standards and hold valid CAA PfAW (Permission for Aerial Work) certificates. For industrial or agricultural survey work and aerial inspection

FlyPro-UK can also provide qualified pilots with H&S (Health & Safety) training including SMSTS (Site Managers Safety Training Scheme) and FAAW (First Aid at Work) certification. 


Unlike many UK drone or UAV operators, FlyPro-UK has several trained pilots and a team of trained support personnel at your service.

This provides greater safety, higher flight capabilities and assurance that you will not be let down on the day due to illness, etc.

Working for you

If you are a professional photographer, film producer, wedding videographer or event organiser you can add aerial photography to your portfolio of capabilities by using out FlyPro-UK ‘white label’ services.

Make use of our experienced drone or UAV pilots just when you need them with no overheads when you don’t.

'The UK's leading drone operators'